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The production technology of bronze
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Bronze craftsmanship is more complex, for the door handle the door will be more than the average some specific steps, this is also one of the distinctive features of bronze.
In general, the bronze all don't need to make too much color processing, just keep the original red and yellow.
The interior of the bronze for steel structure frame, external cladding processing good copper panel profile.
Easy bending shape, not easy craze of T2 copper strip is a bronze panel profiles, use more in bronze.
Although copper belongs to anti-corrosion materials, bronze in production also tend to the further corrosion.
Many times, for example, on the surface of wire drawing first, then the surface cleaning, passivation, partition panel type village surface contact with corrosive materials, copper to keep the original color.
Next to no less than twice of phosphating treatment, on the surface to form a layer of protective film, it's even more after spray paint protection, 1600 ℃ after baking, natural cooling, such as step, bronze has grown two millimeters a finished product can complete finally.
As for the door steel skeleton, the hot dip galvanized processing, then put the steel structure welding, installation.
In addition, like the door of the other material, also to customize bronze, after workers on-site investigation to determine the detail size, go back according to the relevant data and drawings.

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