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Bronze is more durable than ordinary door
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Actually, bronze is popular, largely related to its elegant decoration, the decoration is copper art. Beijing's state [1] is specialized is engaged in the research and development of bronze metal decoration, design, manufacturing and after-sales service in the integration of modern enterprises, but also business making ornamental design, copper plates, copper stair handrail -relievo fresco, copper Windows, copper and other copper art decoration engineering. As an ancient art, copper art to use on the bronze, mainly some after embossing, hollow out, forging the auspicious patterns and pattern. More classic has animal the dragon, tiger, phoenix, tortoise four god beast and the lion, unicorn, deer, cranes, yuanyang, such as flowers and plants, or text decoration patterns matched, the abstract with evil spirits, drive the evil people, prayer, etc. In addition, nowadays some European style bronze on the detail carving also draw lessons from western architectural decorative elements, such as in on both sides of bronze used more Eric type, love Mr Nick type, Corinthian, dry type, compound tower and other style of classical Greek, Roman column, integral feeling is colorful atmosphere.
In terms of practicality, bronze is more durable than ordinary door, not only problems of shape, craze, and there are high tech with locks, anti-theft performance, long service life.

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