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The winter bronze maintenance items
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As an ancient art, copper art to use on the bronze, mainly some after embossing, hollow out, forging the auspicious patterns and pattern.
Classic animal the dragon, tiger, phoenix, tortoise four god beast and the lion, unicorn, deer, cranes, yuanyang, such as flowers and plants, or with written abstract patterns matched, blessing people with evil spirits, drive the evil, etc.
Copper is a kind of extremely stable metal, its corrosion resistance performance is very high, as long as with conventional method does. However, bronze is natural antiseptic, but encountered a lot of sulfur and sulfide, or easy to produce chemical changes.
If so, need to remind you is, bronze used in outdoor, such as villa front door, to package it within the frame of the door, from rain and snow shower falls, prevent the precipitation of sulfide corrosion.

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