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Non-standard door, performance is more important than appearance
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Non-standard door of choose and buy should focus on when looking in anti-theft performance and quality, should be checked from the following several key parts:
Checking performance and structure of select drilling locks, lock bit drilling hole, when rotating drill locks will be synchronized with the rotation, can play the role of locks are not destroyed. Locks for the three parties a locking structure, three single door hinges, six double door hinge, door leaf and door frames warded lock, even if the hinge and chisel out door won't open.
Door locks on the quantity and the pole number, had better choose two locks the control the door of the bar, even if can be destroyed, will delay the time. Generally speaking, a 3 or 4 thong locks can control rod, the door anti-theft performance is poorer, once the locks is damaged, a few thong rod at the same time.
See locks around the reinforcement plate thickness and area of non-standard door points from the structural design of enclosed and fence type two kinds, no matter choose which kind of, main parts of the lock is theft, so locks protecting heart plate should be more than 2 mm thickness of steel plate, cold heart plate height not less than 500 mm.
See how process quality of non-standard door material selection is fundamental, craft quality is the key. Especially should pay attention to inspect for welding defects, such as welding, without welding, welding leakage, the phenomenon such as slag. To see whether cooperate with door leaf and door frame is close-grained, gap is uniform, open is flexible, all joints for foraging and firm paint electroplating is uniform and smooth, etc.
Selected from the design on the market in non-standard door luxury, mid-range, common three categories. Luxurious panel material is stainless steel plate, the main frame for the stainless steel side controls, ornamental design for stainless steel fence profiles; Intermediate model generally adopts fangyuan steel and ornamental design of combining the combination form; Normal use square steel tube, round steel and flat steel (16 x 4 mm), and other materials. The user can according to their own situation to choose their favorite type. In addition, non-standard door, installation requirements by expansion bolt, and die with welding welding, fixed point of not less than eight, four. In the aspect of maintenance, should be every 3 to 6 months to insert gate shaft and rod refueling, can make its flexible open, but do not go into the locks, touch dirt in case, the impact on the performance of the door.

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