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Some of the features of non-standard door
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Non-standard door product craft is unique, has the high hardness, beautiful generous, novel styles, never fade, elegant and outstanding characteristics. Novel design, superior quality, noble elegant style, first-class after-sales service, unique craft exquisite; Luxurious and elegant appearance; The quality of strong and durable; Easy to install, have anticorrosive, corrosion, etc, are residential, financial system, financial archives, warehouses and other important choice for products.
The company's non-standard door has the following features:
1, using fine embossing process, greatly improve the whole strength of stiffened plate.
2, the use of panzhihua of high qualified steel plate, the quality has the guarantee.
3, close the doorbell design fashion, at the same time increased the strength of the facade, increase the safety coefficient, wide Angle, cat's eye design visibility up to 160 °, eye shot is open, without blind Angle.
4, the surface treating agent adopts unique formula the coating adhesion of 3 times of ordinary treatment agent, which can improve the surface quality.
5, removable exchange hinge design, easy to complete 90 ° and 180 ° hinge swaps, upgrade easier, bearing capacity is bigger.
6, using high quality of the paint coat, to ensure product surface high solid flow flat, thick full excellent visual effect. The upper encryption processing technology on facade, more heat preservation, sound insulation, illicit close sex is strong.
7, up and down line adopts independent mold stamping molding, plate thicker, strength is better.

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