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bronze craftsmanship is more complex, for the door handle the door will be more than the average some specific steps, this is also one of the distinctive features of general, the bronze all
actually, bronze is popular, largely related to its elegant decoration, the decoration is copper art. beijings state [1] is specialized is engaged in the research and development of bronze metal decor
as an ancient art, copper art to use on the bronze, mainly some after embossing, hollow out, forging the auspicious patterns and pattern.classic animal the dragon, tiger, phoenix, tortoise four god be
non-standard door of choose and buy should focus on when looking in anti-theft performance and quality, should be checked from the following several key parts:checking performance and structure of sel
non-standard door product craft is unique, has the high hardness, beautiful generous, novel styles, never fade, elegant and outstanding characteristics. novel design, superior quality, noble elegant s
now on the market, there are many types of products the door, the door has a variety of materials, we produce stainless steel door products, this is a very green gate material, let us introduce you to
compared to other categories, in addition to the magnificent bronze doors, calm atmosphere outside, there is a feature favorable feng shui. because copper door is a symbol of good luck noble, ancient
before people decorated bronze doors when they are feng shui, there are many young people now do not care, but it has a point, when the attention of the decoration, hurt.1, the front tongmen garbage a
we are a professional stainless steel manufacturer, we have many types of products, after years of pondering, the following is what we developed stainless steel products in the processing time face.1,
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