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Joining eight advantages


(A) the quality advantage

Resolutely implement the quality as the core of a variety of the management system, the industry took the lead through ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, the state departments rated the quality assured that the national standard of qualified products, green products. Hious he died has consistently adhered to the "Quality is the starting point of dignity, respect for the customer is the starting point," the concept of product quality.

(Ii) production advantages

The introduction of foreign advanced production equipment, relying on strict management of fine, according to market changes, timely adjustment of production for our customers to solve real problems.

(Iii) regional distribution

Specification regional distribution, protect the interests of dealers and consumers, dealers management guidance and market development, market management norms.

(Iv) brand

Chinese famous brand, CCTV brand list, ahead of our brand awareness. Company stores nationwide unified image management, unified national brand promotion, for the majority of dealers to provide pioneering market confidence.

(E) the advantage of reputation

With the commitment is belief, and continuously improve product quality and service, we continue to meet our customers needs.

(Vi) Innovation Advantage

The company has a high-quality R & D team, excellent R & D and effective incentive mechanism, Superman a chip design, unique products, and always guide the consumer attitudes of customers; franchisee, dealer's success paved the way , but also in the market to establish their own unique product style and brand image. Ahead of fast-paced and designed to promote the operation of the market update product has opened up a most powerful way.

(Vii) service advantage

Perfect pre-sale, service system for dealers, users with a "three hearts" guarantee, buy with confidence, use of comfort, have confidence in us. With the "three hearts" criteria Hious he died is to soar into new heights.

(Viii) management advantages

Advanced management ideas, ahead of the marketing model, and improve rules and regulations, "science and technology enterprises, people-oriented" development strategy, in the fierce competition in the market forever invincible place.

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